Supplier Travel

Domestic Airfare

All domestic tickets should be booked and issued as an electronic e-ticket. As a general rule, all flights should be booked as far in advance as possible to take advantage of the lowest fares. Barring extenuating circumstances, domestic flights must be booked 14 days in advance and international flights must be booked at least 21 days in advance of travel, except in a situation where there is a critical business need to travel within the minimum advance booking period. Such cases must be approved in advance by Energizer management.

Suppliers must travel at the lowest fare providing reasonable schedules and logical routes, including one-hour earlier or later departure times and/or alternate airports. As a result, there will be occasions when departure or arrival times may need to be adjusted to obtain lower fares.

At a minimum, suppliers should accept the lowest non-refundable coach fare offered on any regularly scheduled full-service airline. If a lower priced connecting flight arrives within 90 minutes of a direct flight, the connecting flight should be booked.

Suppliers must not specify "upgradeable" fares if a lower-priced fare is available. Suppliers also may not specify a particular airline or routing if it results in a higher fare than otherwise would be available.

International / Inter-Continental Travel

Flights originating and terminating within different continents are considered international. For Example: Flights originating within Asia and terminating within North America, South America or Europe would be considered international/inter-continental

Point of OriginNorth AmericaMiddle East/AfricaEurope*South AmericaAsiaAustralia/NZ
North AmericaDomesticInternationalInternationalInternationalInternationalInternational
Middle East/AfricaInternationalDomesticInternationalInternationalInternationalInternational
South AmericaInternationalInternationalInternationalDomesticInternationalInternational

Cabin Class Policy

Business class is allowed on international trips where any one segment between continents exceeds 6 hours in the air. Business class is also acceptable when the traveler chooses to fly overnight to their destination.

Airline Class of Service
 All Segments < 6 hours1 Segment > 6 hoursOvernight Flight


Suppliers should stay in known hotel chains which provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Discretion should be used to avoid premium hotels. When traveling to Energizer locations, suppliers should use specific hotels with which Energizer has negotiated rates. For a listing of these hotels, please contact BCD Travel at (800) 543-4867. When making reservations, please ask for the Energizer rate.

Car Rental

Energizer’s preferred car rental company is National/Enterprise. When working for Energizer, suppliers should use National/Enterprise under Energizer’s negotiated rate. To get the Energizer rate, use Emerald Club #XZ01400 during your reservation. When using this Emerald Club number, do not accept the additional insurance coverage. Insurance is already included in the Energizer rate. If traveling alone or with a small group, car size should not exceed Intermediate. If traveling with a larger group, accommodations should be made to minimize car rental expenses (including larger vehicles to fit more persons).

Other Transportation

Other modes of transportation (taxi, bus, limo service, highway tolls, etc) will be reimbursed at actual cost.

Food/Meals and Entertainment

Meal expenses (food, beverages, snacks, taxes, tips, etc.) must be kept within a daily maximum of $75 (US$) or the lower maximum amount for domestic traveler defined in an Area’s local domestic travel policy. Please note that this is a daily meal expense maximum and not a per diem. Meal receipts must be submitted for reimbursement in compliance with the local Area/Country policy requirements. It is recognized that travel expenses are incurred in local currency (other than the U.S.) and that the local equivalent amount of this USD cap is subject to currency fluctuations.

Meals/Entertainment expenses which cover more than one individual require an itemized receipt and a list of participants and affiliation.


Invoices or supporting documentation should itemize all expenses in the line items where the total for the category exceeds $75. Itemized receipts for credit card purchases are required for transactions $75 USD (or local equivalent) and above. An itemized receipt is required for any cash expense over $25 USD (or local equivalent).

Third-Party Expenses

All third-party expenses will be reimbursed at actual cost. A copy of all receipts for individual expenses over $75 must be submitted with invoices.