Our Purpose

Energizer Holdings is leading the charge to connect our brands, our people and the products we offer to the world better than anyone else. With a passion for winning, we’re building a bright future that’s focused on delivering long-term value to our shareholders, consumers and customers.

So what allows us to pull this off? For starters, we focus on prioritizing winning customers, channels and markets. Our strategic choices allow us to maximize our revenue potential and win with customers and consumers. It’s why our brands are ranked #1 or #2 in most markets where we compete across the globe.

Next, we set clear goals – and work hard to achieve them. Through a steady pipeline of innovation, best-in-class category fundamentals, and optimized operational execution, we’re poised to deliver long-term value and success.

Finally, we are committed to driving long-term value for our shareholders. All of our efforts are designed to complement and support the overall financial health of the company.