Our Values and Diversity


We Win Together
We relentlessly pursue our goals. We celebrate and move to the next challenge. We act with urgency because windows of opportunity close quickly. ​We are focused on results.​


While Serving Each Other
We care for others’ success as much as we do our own. We challenge respectfully to drive better outcomes and work collectively across functions, levels and geographies to achieve our goals. ​All for one, one for all. ​​


With A Willingness to Act Boldly
We push forward rather than leaning back. We take chances, have a bias for action and go all in to achieve our goals. Even if we fail, we fail together. We are transparent, we learn from it, and are better for it. ​We are fearlessly determined.​​


All While Doing Right
We bring out the best in each other to bring the best to our consumers and customers. We are vulnerable and trust each other with our imperfections. By being inclusive and open, our diverse perspectives amplify what we can achieve. ​Doing the right thing is all we know. ​​