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Sustaining growth.

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  • ​Fact

    Since Energizer® introduced AA Cylindrical Lithium batteries in 1989, battery life has been extended 2 times.
  • ​Fact

    Diaper Genie® has reduced its plastic film from 66 feet to 22 feet for the same number of diapers.
  • ​Fact

    ​Energizer Household Products eliminated 41 tons of plastic from its packaging.
  • ​Fact

    ​Schick-Wilkinson Sword in Guangzhou, China, switched to reusable plastic packing trays, saving 81 tons of paper carton waste.
  • ​Fact

    ​Energizer® was among the first members of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, a voluntary, industry-funded organization that collects and recycles used rechargeable batteries.

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