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Contractor Safety Compliance Program

Welcome to the Energizer Holdings Contractor Safety Compliance Program (CSCP). The purpose of the CSCP is to establish Energizer’s safety and environmental expectations for contractors, and ensure those expectations are communicated and understood by all contractors and other authorized non-company personnel working at Energizer facilities.

A safe, healthful and environmentally protective worksite must be a shared goal. Energizer continues to expect that our contractors will take the necessary measures and actions to ensure the safety of their employees and at the same time, protection of the environment.

Please note the following:

  • • Completion of, or a request to complete, the forms on this site does not constitute an agreement with Energizer.

  • • If a purchase order is not in place, permission will not be granted to perform any type of service or repair at any Energizer facility.

  • • All contractors are expected to provide their own PPE, this includes but is not limited to individuals performing electrical work such as calibration and troubleshooting.

Contractors doing business at Energizer properties are responsible for ensuring that their employees and subcontractors are familiar with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, and with the attached Energizer Policies and Procedures. To begin the approval process to provide onsite services at an Energizer Holdings facility, all contractors must complete the following steps:

For North America Facilities:

  1. 1. Review our Contractor Safety Complianc​e Program (CSCP)

  2. 2. Complete the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

  3. 3. Review the site orientation for each Energizer facility where work will be performed:

For Asia and Middle East Regional Facilities: