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​We put a strong emphasis on innovation and emerging technologies in all aspects of our business – and recycling efforts are no exception. ​

​In fact, many of our facilities work with third-party recycling companies that collect the various waste from our operations and then separate, clean and re-sell it to companies that will manufacture other products. Since April 2008, we have diverted (recycle + trash to energy) over 50 million pounds of non-hazardous solid waste from landfills. In fact, our sites in Asheboro, North Carolina, are now approaching landfill-free.

In the case of batteries, we initiated efforts to better educate consumers on how to make smarter choices for their specific device need. This helps maximize efficiency and use fewer batteries – ultimately having a lower impact on the environment. We have also partnered with others in the industry and with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to commission additional research on battery disposal and recycling. 

And in our continued journey to bring performance and responsibility to the world, we created the world’s first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries – Energizer® EcoAdvanced™. Our vision is to increase the amount of recycled materials in our batteries - a true win-win for the environment and us.

  • ​Energizer® was among the first members of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, a voluntary, industry-funded organization that collects and recycles used rechargeable batteries.