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Our Mission

Through innovation, we simplify and enhance the lives
of customers and consumers better than anyone else.


​Our Culture



  • 1921

    ​​Colonel Jacob Schick invents the
    Magazine Repeating Razor, the
    forerunner to the Schick® Injector®
  • ​1959

    EVEREADY® scientist Lewis Urry introduces the first
    commercially viable cylindrical alkaline
    battery – a big step toward longer
    battery life in portable devices.
  • ​1968

    ​Playtex® develops the space suits for
    NASA, including the one worn
    by Neil Armstrong, during the
    first moonwalk.
  • ​1989

    EVEREADY® leads the industry in
    environmental initiatives and offers the
    first zero-added mercury product.
  • ​2010

    ​​Schick® introduces Schick Hydro®, the
    first razor with Skin-Guards and a Gel
    Reservoir that hydrates skin
    throughout each shave.


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