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For such an accomplished group, our leaders are surprisingly down-to-earth. But you’ll notice another trait: a challenger spirit that inspires us all to create products that improve the lives of our consumers and customers each and every day.

So take a minute to get to know each of our leaders a little better. You’ll soon understand why Energizer Holdings is one of the fastest-growing consumer packaged goods companies in the world.

Ward M. Klein

​​CEO, Energizer Holdings, Inc.

David P Hatfield

President & CEO, Energizer Personal Care


Executive Vice President & CFO, Energizer Holdings, Inc.

Alan R. Hoskins

President & CEO, Energizer Household Products

Peter J. Conrad

Vice President, Human Resources,
Energizer Holdings, Inc.

​Mark S. LaVigne​

Vice President & General Counsel, Energizer Holdings, Inc.

​Meet Our Board