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​Our Work Life

​Spend a little time talking to our people and you’ll realize an interesting thing: we truly enjoy working here. Each one of us, in our own way, has found Energizer Holdings unlike any place we’ve worked before.​

For starters, we’re approachable. Across all functions and all levels of experience, we really do value working together. Sure, we may take different sides on occasion, but at the end of the day, we still fall in together and move forward as one company.

With centralized corporate functions and geographic business hubs, we enjoy the opportunity to work in virtual teams and gain international experience at all levels of the organization.

We also understand the need for balance in our colleagues’ lives and we strive to accommodate that need wherever possible. Whether it’s providing you with the tools and resources when working remotely or remaining flexible to unique needs or situations, we are always seeking ways to help our colleagues.

Overall, we offer a tremendous opportunity for anybody who wants to excel and grow in a stimulating environment. If this sounds interesting, we invite you to keep exploring our company and the exciting potential career options awaiting you.​

  • “Our organization is very genuine. The people that you work with are very down to earth. Our senior leaders are the same. They’re very approachable.”

    Maree H., Hong Kong
  • “As you listen to people tell their stories, they’ve moved around and done all kinds of interesting roles. We really provide people the opportunity to grow.”

    Sue D., United States
  • “When working on projects, we can agree to disagree, but in the end we are one team driven to complete our goals.”​

    La’Keisha B., United States