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​Our Values & Diversity

​Passion, integrity, respect, teamwork, initiative – these are more than just words to us. They are the foundation of the way we do business.​​

Passion - A desire to be the best
We are a company fueled by a passion for what we do – people brimming with curiosity, creativity and a powerful will to win. We have a constant desire to ask, “How could this be better?” And a drive to make it so.

Integrity - Always doing the right thing
We’re staunch believers in the idea that doing the right thing affords us tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact on the well-being of our communities, our environment and our shareholders. 

Respect - A greater diversity of ideas
Diversity of thought is the very thing that brings out the best ideas. Which is why, fundamentally, it all comes down to respect - everyone has a voice and an opinion that matters. 

Teamwork - Collaboration is the key
We build diverse teams that include colleagues from all backgrounds, functions and levels of the business. Doing so lets us develop innovative solutions that solve problems and deliver on our ambitious goals.

Initiative - Lead by example
There’s also a great energy here. People like to take initiative and look for ways to raise the bar. And because our size allows us to be more agile, your contributions can make a greater impact from day one.
If these values resonate with you, we encourage you to explore our culture and company deeper. You’ll find that the ideals these words represent are the guiding force in everything we do. 
  • “Each team member’s view, suggestions or opinions are treated with respect and valued regardless of his/her position.”

    Steve G., Singapore
  • “Working at Energizer means you need to be willing to gain knowledge beyond your position, have the capability to take quick decisions, and make it happen.”

    Laurent S., France
  • “In my role, I have autonomy to be creative and to make improvements to processes and tools. I also am in a position to influence others.”

    LaVerne R., United States
  • ​“The Energizer culture is a reflection of all the people who work here. We are passionate about what we do and we give the best of us to improve all the time.”​

    Germán S., Argentina