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Free your skin.

Is it too much to ask that shaving actually be a more enjoyable experience that cares for your skin? We think not. Which is why our Schick® and Wilkinson Sword® brands make shaving more effortless, refreshing, and liberating. And it’s why Edge® and Skintimate® shave preps help you get ready for the day ahead. 


Edge Shave Gel.
Get your Edge.

​Xtreme 3​

The ultimate in cool comfort.​


Protects and nourishes your skin during shaving.


Helps to maintain your look.

​Quattro for Women

A shave so smooth you could skip a day or two.

​Wilkinson Sword

To learn more about Wilkinson Sword in Europe...​


It's like a blast of hydration to your face.

​Slim Twin

​Premium twin technology
to simplify your shave.


​Lather and shave
in one easy step.​

​Private Brands

We strive to meet people’s needs better than anyone else and our Private Brands are no exception.